About Us

 Our Promise
To cultivate icons.
We celebrate individuality and self-possession to support the emergence of admirable legacies.
We respect individuality.
● We’re inspired by people who are effortlessly committed to being themselves.
We revere timelessness.
● We’re always seeking to understand the virtues that make individuals memorable.
We value practicality.
● Time and experience is precious; a practical approach facilitates more of both.
Who are American Sigma?
Culture is restless. With fast fashion seemingly picking up more speed every day, trends are forgotten as suddenly as they appear, making as little impact on the world as the people who follow them.
Elsewhere, there are those quietly forging their own paths. In their effortless ability to follow their own instincts, they transcend the limits of culture, becoming something altogether more memorable; something, iconic.
Sigma exists for those who are committed to being themselves; for men and women who ignore fleeting trends in favour of classic pieces they can rely on for years to come.
With Sigma’s range of clothing, true individuals can invest in elegant, practical items that like themselves, gracefully resist the ebb and flow of what’s in fashion to offer timeless appeal.
By respecting individuality, Sigma earns the respect of individuals. Over time, Sigma will become their lifelong partners in practical fashion, always there to offer shade, comfort and just the right amount of style.