American Optical Don Draper Air Force Sunglasses
American Optical® - Original Pilot Sunglasses, Gold & Green
American Optical® - Original Pilot Sunglasses, Gold & Green

American Optical® - Original Pilot Sunglasses, Gold & Green

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The AO Original Pilot has been the official eyewear of the US Air Force for sixty years. It was indeed in 1958, at the request of the US Air Force, that American Optical developed the solar Flight Google 58 (HGU-4P), later known as the Original Pilot. It replaces the American Optical aviator G2 which was then fitted to American pilots during the Second World War. Along with Randolph Engineering, American Optical are the official eyewear of the United States Military.

  • Original Pilot aviator sunglasses developed in 1958 by American Optical under the code name HGU-4 / P
  • Made famous by: Don Draper in Mad Men, Neil Armstrong & NASA (taking these frames to the Moon), Robert De Niro in Taxi Driver, The US Military & Air Force, Robert Redford in Spy Game, Brad Pitt & Johnny Depp.
  • "AO" marking on the left glass
  • Mineral glasses with anti-scratch treatment, 98% UVA 100% UVB protection
  • Bayonet frames great for pilots wearing headsets
  • Adjustable silicone pads
  • Complies with European CE standards

True Colour Grey Glass Lens - 
Worn by Military Pilots and NASA astronauts, this lens provides true color reception allowing all colors to come through naturally without distortion.
Best for bright overhead sunlight.

True Colour Green Glass Lens
A relaxing green tint that filters color for reduced eye fatigue and provides exceptional contrast for crisp viewing. Brightens shadows and reduces glare.
Best for aviation and driving as reduces eye fatigue

Cosmetan Brown Lens
A stylish brown tint suitable for all conditions that helps enhance your depth perception and is good for sporadic cloud cover.
Best for all general uses

Polarized lenses
These full glass lenses have polarized anti-scratch mineral coatings with a filter that suppresses these reflections that cause discomfort and visual inaccuracy. This technology is also very nice for nautical activities. It eliminates the parasitic reflections on the water.


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